2017 Calgary Trip – Preparation

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“Dad, go and visit your sister!”
      This was the message from Yvette, Regan and Andre early in 2016. They had transferred sufficient funds for a return flight to Canada into our bank account to back up their suggestion. Christine, living in Calgary, had been through a cancer operation and was on chemo-therapy. At this time Lynn and I were serving a Church Service Mission in the Hamilton Stake as Addiction Recovery Programme Facilitators and I could not just break away for a month at my convenience. So the trip was scheduled for the Canadian winter in February. Also, coincidentally, there were six birthdays occurring within the wider Himmelreich family.
       I kept an eye on travel costs and was not prepared to “book” until our mission had been completed. The mission was completed after 27 months in mid-November and the trip was booked on December 1st to fly out on January 31st and return on March 3rd. Outward: Auckland – San Francisco – Calgary. Homeward: Calgary – Los Angeles – Sydney – Auckland. The flights to and from Calgary totalled $1,800.

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      December and January was spent collating all the historical photos and videos I could lay my hands on to take with me in digital form so Christine and I could reminisce about the “old days” of the 1950s and ’60s. I also took the opportunity of travelling the roads of Kimihia and Huntly with my GoPro camera on the roof of my car to record the roads we used to travel on through Huntly and to Huntly College.
       During much of this time Lyn was on a 4-week visit with our Australian-based children (Yvette, Regan & Andre) and their families. She was accompanied by our grand-daughter Leah McAnnally.
        The 200-page 1983 pictorial diary of our trip to Calgary was printed and bound in full colour as a gift to Christine. That ’83 return trip was financed through the Himmelreich family.
       On January 11th I had the privilege of being taken through our old home at 21 Russell Road (Huntly) by the owner. It had not changed much in the ensuing 50 years and I would be able to describe it to Christine. I did take a photo of the house basement where we stored our bikes and had “subterranean” adventures. This was to prove the most popular of the photos from my sister’s viewpoint.
       January 30th – packed my suitcase and carry-on bag to see if they were within the weight and dimension criteria (23kg for the check-on bag). My packing list included: dress shoes, suit tie and white shirt, slippers, temple clothing, socks, recommend, undies, garments, track pants and tops (2), t-shirts, gifts, shaver, camera, phone (all with chargers and 110v/230v converter). In my carry-on were e-ticket, itinerary, camera, currency, passport, gifts and anti-nausea tablets.
   Ready to go!

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